stage director, teacher for Physical Theatre & tante altre cose


director and trainer, is above all a polyglot artist, whose career path criss-crosses the circus, musical theatre, opera, and street theatre. 

Pablo Volo, Regisseur und Ausbilder, ist vor allem ein polyglotter Künstler mit einer Erfahrung, die Zirkus, Musiktheater, Oper und Straßentheater umfasst.



Italian-German, he trained mainly in Paris at the studio of Mime Corporel Dramatique in Belleville and at the FAI-AR (Formation Avancée Itinérante des Arts de la Rue). He founded the company Ex Voto, based in Marseille, with Manel Pons Romero.

Among their shows:

Ecce Hombrella, street theatre in a center for asylum seekers, inspired by Schubert's Winter Journey.


La Luna in un Giorno, show of five circus artists inspired by the poetry of Federico García Lorca.

 Vivaldi in the sky, instrumental opera composed of a Baroque ensemble and three circus artists.

He has recently been the assistant to the director Benedetto Sicca for his production of Benjamin Britten's opera The Turn of the Screw presented at the Maggio Fiorentino.

With L’ Ensemble C Barré, he created the chamber opera

El Niño based on poems by Federico García Lorca, with music by George Crumb and Frederic Pattar.

Also with L’Ensemble C Barré, he directed and coordinated the community theatre piece La Barraca, an ambulatory opera.

With the composer Jean Christophe Marti he staged the  famous clown Cathrine Germain in the Oratorio Buffo "Yunus" with the choeur de Madrigal in Toulon. 

Pablo Volo regularly teaches corporal drama classes, individual courses and provides coaching. He is co-founder of the European network Circonnection.

He also manages the promotion of Prodig’Art, a laboratory dedicated to the mediation and diffusion of ‘art music’ in south France.

And now ?

After 20 years in France his now in Berlin, with his wife, the lirical singer Ninon Dann.

He is guest teacher in the school for Pysical theatre Die Etage, 

he is trainer in the Mime Center in the Kunstquartier Bethanien and

he also teaches in his own regular curses of Physical Drama.

He created a wonderful Music-circus show in november 2019 for the french singer Merlot, witch is running very well like also the music pièce for children L' amour remplume for Lady Do & Mr Papa witch turned almost over 100 times .

His students to whom he teached 15 or 10 years ago now ask him

to be stage director for their projets, and that is one of the greatest

pleasures : to direct his ex-students that are now ambitious and enthusiast artists in this hungry world ! 

One for all :Garazi Esnaola Pascal, rope dancer, who was his student in Turin, and made now with him an extraordinary street-circus show in the Basque country: Erraia !









Pablo is a passionate photographer and regularly in contact and exchange with photographers and designers. This creative curiosity is in his teaching extremly intressting because he is continiously bilding bridges between different art disciplines demonstrating the force of images and their meaning.

Pablo Volo, Regisseur und Ausbilder, ist vor allem ein polyglotter Künstler mit einer Erfahrung, die Zirkus, Musiktheater, Oper und Straßentheater umfasst. Der Deutsch-Italiener hat seine Ausbildung vor allem in Paris, in der Schule für Dramatisches Körpertheater von Belleville, und in Marseille, an der FAI-AR (Formation Avancée Itinérante des Arts de la Rue, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum), absolviert.

Zusammen mit Manel Pons Romero ist er Gründer der Kompanie EX Voto mit Sitz in Marseille.

Zu seinen wichtigsten Stücken gehören :
Ecce Hombrella, Straßentheater in einem Areal für Asylbewerber, inspiriert an der Winterreise von Schubert.

La Luna in un Giorno, Schaustück für fünf Zirkuskünstler nach Gedichten von
Federico García Lorca.

Vivaldi in the sky, Oper ohne Gesang für Barockensemble und drei Zirkuskünstler
2015 war er beim Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Regieassistent von Benedetto Sicca für die

Oper The Turn of the Screw von Benjamin Britten.

Für das Ensemble C Barré führte er 2016 die Regie der Kammeroper El Niño nach Gedichten von Federico García Lorca und mit der Musik von George Crumb und Fréderic Pattar.

Ebenfalls mit dem Ensemble C Barré hatte er die Leitung und Koordination des community theater Projekts La Barraca, einer Oper in Bewegung.

Pablo Volo leitet regelmäßig Workshops für dramatisches Körpertheater und macht Kurse und individuelles Coaching. Er ist Mitbegründer des europäischen Netzwerks

Zu seinen nächsten Projekten gehört die Regie eines Musikschauspiels für junges Publikum mit dem Barockensemble Les Musiciens de St Julien, das von Prodig’Art, Agentur für E- Musik, vermittelt wird.

Das Zirkusproject Erraia, in Spanien, und das Oratorio Buffo Yunus, mit dem Komponisten JeanChristoph Marti.